Oils & Emotions

“Your intellect may be confused, 
but your emotions will never lie to you.” 
~Roger Ebert


Discover Emotional Balance with Essential Oils
Let's dive into the intricate relationship between your emotional well-being and the natural power of essential oils.
In this unique workshop, you will:

Comprehend Your Emotions: Learn why our emotional responses vary and how to embrace them for a fulfilling life.

Achieve Emotional Wellness: Explore processes to recognize, experience, and release emotions positively.

Unlock the Power of "The Feelings Kit": Whether you are a novice or an enthusiast, discover the benefits of using essential oils for emotional well-being.

Connect on a Deeper Level: Gather insights into how essential oils can influence our mood and emotional health by interacting with the brain's emotion center.
Embrace Natural Support: Find out how specific blends can assist in managing stress and promoting heart health for better emotional regulation.

This workshop is for you if you have ever felt overwhelmed by emotions, struggled with shifting negative moods, or wished to react more positively in challenging situations.

Embark on this enlightening path to emotional balance and wellness. Join us as you are guided to a more harmonious and vibrant life. Join now and transform the way you navigate your emotions with the natural support of essential oils.

One must KNOW the importance of learning how to support their own body, mind and spirit.
 You are the only one who knows how you feel. 
As race car driver knows which high octane fuel is best for his car! 
We must seek knowledge to distinguish which fuel is best for 
US to keep ALL cylinders in BALANCE!


I heard 


I was on the verge of self-destruction and had choices right in front of me for so many years, I choose to overlook them. I personally believe when we are ready, we will LEAP and GRASP what it is our heart is striving to embrace.
It took me 10 years to pursue massage therapy and become a Massage Practitioner. I had been led to Life Coaching - my first step. 
I once was a wife, struggling to be me, raising children then becoming a grandmother, I realized through coaching others we often misplace who we are when we are engulfed in LIFE. 
If there has been one difficult and long-term obstacle to overcome, it was seeking ME! 
Do not mistake any of this as "I wish, I would have, could have", I know it was all in the right and perfect time!
My PASSION is to help those who are searching TO SEEK THEIR VISION, to be able to overcome those obstacles they continue to meet head on.
It is Exciting, Rewarding, and most of all Fulfilling for you, your soul and Everyone around YOU! 
Embracing YOU, makes me giddy! I love when people realize, accept and THRIVE on who they are!