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Health Care FACTS
30 million people do not have health insurance
- 65 million independent contract workers only have limited expensive options
- Statistics from 2021 show that 50% of Americans have medical debt
- A recent survey found that two0thirds of respondents had avoided seeking medical help because of financial worries
- More than 65% of bankruptcies involve medical debt. 90% of those had insurance

Three Main Goals

- Save People on monthly fixed expenses or premiums
- Boost the quality of their network and health care options
- Limit the maximum out-of-pocket responsibility

- A health care sharing ministry, not traditional health insurance
- Reduces out-of-pocket costs
- Enhanced benefits than traditional insurance
- Has pre-existing and age restrictions to keep costs low
- Lower member costs for doctor visits and prescriptions
- Various annual maximum options
- Access to a LARGE PPO network for great doctors nationwide
- Ideal for those looking to lower monthly and out-of-pocket expense
Are you looking for "health care" or "illness care"?
The Choice is OURS!
This is EXCITING!  How would you like to experience $50 - $75 back on your monthly products + So Much MORE?

Great for those on Medicare who are interested in Holistic Services that you might not otherwise be incorporating into your wellness routine.

When following the suggestions of a Care Coordinator for your services you will experience less out of pocket. Win, Win!

The 7 Best Doctors
God          Sunlight          Diet          Rest          Exercise          Friends          Self - Confidence