Come enjoy our class on Surviving Summer Fun with Young Living! Summertime is full of exciting adventures, and we want to make sure you are fully prepared to enjoy every moment. From outdoor escapades to delicious cookouts and keeping the kids entertained, we have you covered.

Enjoy a safe VIBRANT summer!
You are in the right place!
Here is what you will gather:

Summer Outdoor Survival Tips: Essential skin-loving products and oils for the great outdoors.

DIY Remedies: Simple DIY recipes to keep your family comfortable and protected.

Tasty Oil-Infused Snacks: Delicious recipes that incorporate essential oils for your summer cookouts.

Kid-Friendly Activities: Four engaging, oil-based recipes to keep kids entertained and busy.

Exclusive Oil Benefits: Learn the unique benefits of essential oils for various summertime needs.

Don't miss out on the tips and tricks to enjoy your summer to the fullest!
I love being out in the sunshine. Years ago I had a mishap with a sunscreen that left me very sick, it was the ingredients in it which made it impossible for me to sweat. I had been reluctant to wear ANY sunscreen until the one you will read about in this class.

Enjoy some refreshing oil infused recipes from appetizers to the main dish.