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The Aroma Freedom Book

Everything comes to those who wait is one of the hardest concepts to accept.

Darkness falls, no sight of light anywhere, been there? 

Looking for support to change your deep seeded thinking? 

What a blessing to be able to unlock squished goals and dreams that past memory thinking had harbored.

With the Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT), I realized light could do more than see a shimmer of light, my universe could be illuminating! I loved the slow truths popping up to clean and clear away in a graceful and peace loving technique. Darkness and past deep seeded memories be GONE!

No more looking over my shoulder in fear, Welcome trust in self, and most of all love, peace and success!

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die....

This book has been so helpful for not only myself, my coaching clients too. 
It helps resolve negative feelings that affect our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health as we Journey to find our 'True Self'.

Every time I look up a feeling it supports me in knowing why I feel the way I feel in all aspects of my life. As a massage practitioner
 it is a wonderful way to begin to dig into those hard to release areas, or perhaps when someone has a breakthrough. 

Our emotions are often what is holding us back from moving 
forward to a more peaceful, abundant life.

Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils

Observation is KEY in Overcoming Obstacles
Feeling bogged down by your emotions? 

Feeling trapped in emotional ruts? 

Not knowing how or if it is possible to rationalize your way around your emotions?
I love this practical, step-by-step guide providing a natural remedy for emotional cleansing. 

I have used the charts, diagrams, and instructions which are very clear and eye opening. Using this information in my massage and coaching practice have supported many on a journey they thought was impossible.

Finding what is holding us back, identifying the feeling, emotion, and / or memory is one of the most difficult aspects to overcoming obstacles.

Different Bodies, Different Diets

How is it possible to discover my dominant organ / gland to determine my food regimen?

This was a game changer for me! I have been guided in a new way of which foods, why those foods and how I view food. We hear all of they diets that most often send us into a tail spin, yes, some may work a time, some we find our bloodwork becomes outrageous and the pivot begins all over again. Seems interesting to know there is a body type diet, and how was that established. This shares information to find your based on your dominant organ/gland, determines which foods you process naturally and which ones "battle" your system to create your bulge.

Do you crave salty or sweet? I used to. I have also experienced food preparation is essential!

Depends on your body type. Over 20 years of research and practical experience have led to the development and refinement of this revolutionary system. Enjoy your personal "Aha!" moment and gain a new and liberating understanding of your body and your eating habits.

No more minutes to "waist". Check out this book to find the answers to your diet questions and the solutions to your body’s shape are in these pages. 


We don't know until we know!
 I have really enjoyed the RENPHO Body Scale. I was impressed with the insight into my wellbeing, sharing 13 body composition indexes which put my overall perception of what I would be working toward in the future.

*Bone Mass  *Muscle Mass  *Weight   *Subcutaneous Fat   *Fat-Free Body Weight  
*Skeletal Muscle  *Body Water   *Body Fat  *Visceral Fat  
*Protein   *Metabolic Age  *BMI  *BMR

I appreciate having the app to support me when keeping me on track to strive for my desired results as it tracks my progress daily, weekly, monthly or I can look back yearly.

I also have the Smart Measuring Tape. It is easy to use, submits the new measurement and tracks just like the scale.

Recently I purchased the Smart Jump Rope with Cordless Ball.  This is an amazing jump rope! You have the option of using it with the adjustable rope or no rope with the cordless ball for those who have little to no space for jumping rope, or perhaps you are traveling - it will be easier to pack.

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