Emotional Freedom

"Emotional freedom comes when we allow ourselves to fully 
acknowledge, accept, and express our feelings, 
without judgment or shame."
- Unknown

There are times we must step back 
and take a look at the path we are following.

Do you:
.....feel emotionally overwhelmed?
.....desire to feel clearer and stronger?
.....feel yourself taking shallow breaths?
.....have lots of buried feelings under the surface?
.....find your chest tightening and your airways feeling restricted?
.....worry that if you feel the emotions inside they will drown you?
.....feel your body holding on to everything you have experienced throughout your lifetime?



Through this journey we will concentrate on exhaling those emotions which do not serve us and see how it feels to

.....breathe deeply
.....support our nervous system
.....receive tools to process emotions
.....allow feelings to process and release

Most of us relate to the emotional heaviness we have experienced in the recent path. Are you ready to choose to LET GO? 

I am inviting you to join us for a special and very simple Emotional Freedom journey to invest in your mental and emotional health this summer! Whether you are a pro at processing emotions or you are not even sure where to begin, we have tools for you! 

Are you ready to RELEASE and let go? It is so easy, come join us!

Gain the freedom to fully embrace your emotions by supporting your overall well-being 
with the right fuel for your mind, body, and spirit. 

Similar to how a race car driver selects high octane fuel for optimal performance, 
equip yourself with knowledge to select the best essential oils for balance and 
I really enjoyed the Emotional Freedom: Discovering You! 
Prior to embarking on this journey, I was unaware of the void within me. I was constantly caught up in the self-destructive cycle of self-doubt and criticism.

By consistently staying connected with myself on a daily basis, I was able to rediscover my true essence, restore equilibrium in my life, and cultivate self-compassion. 
It became clear to me that prioritizing my own well-being, both physical and emotional, is of utmost importance. 
Every aspect of my being, including my health, emotions, heart, thoughts, and experiences, holds significant value.

I heard 


I was on the verge of self-destruction and had choices right in front of me for so many years, I choose to overlook them. I personally believe when we are ready, we will LEAP and GRASP what it is our heart is striving to embrace.
It took me 10 years to pursue massage therapy and become a Massage Practitioner. Life Coaching was my next step to pulling it all together. 
I once was a wife, struggling to be me, raising children then becoming a grandmother, I realized through coaching others we often misplace who we are when we are engulfed in LIFE. 
If there has been one difficult and long-term obstacle to overcome, it was seeking ME! 
Do not mistake any of this as "I wish, I would have, could have", I know it was all in the right and perfect time!
My PASSION is to help those who are searching TO SEEK THEIR VISION, to be able to overcome those obstacles they continue to meet head on.
It is Exciting, Rewarding, and most of all Fulfilling for you, your soul and Everyone around YOU! 
Embracing YOU, makes me giddy! I love when people realize, accept and THRIVE on who they are!

“Transforming Lives Through Vision & Perseverance”