The Seasons of Cleanse
Fall Session
Claiming Victory over our HEALTH~
Begin each day grateful you are healthier today than the day before!

We Clean the outside of our body, our homes, dishes, windows, cars etc.
Why would we clean our internal systems? 
To improve digestion, boost our immune system, and increase nutrient absorption. 

A healthy digestive tract prevents illness and supports overall well-being. 

Clearing toxins and optimizing nutrition helps combat 
allergies, fatigue, fibromyalgia, infertility and more!

Experience the benefits of a clean, vibrant body.

September 22 - December 20

Don't Block the EXIT!
Welcome to our transformative online class! 

Did you know the famous saying "Death begins in the colon" holds profound truth in the world of holistic health? 

Our focus will be uncovering the incredible power of a healthy gut. As the great Hippocrates once said, "All disease begins in the gut." 

The beginning focus is the digestive system, we will explore the journey from your mouth to your colon. Uncover the vital role of a balanced gut in overall well-being. 

Don't let anything hold you back from experiencing vibrant vitality and embarking on a life changing health journey. 

Sign up now and step into a world of holistic wellness.

I Love the Effects when I Cleanse & Clear

What goes in MUST come OUT!
Discovering the power of cleansing and rejuvenating my body has been an incredible journey for me. From improved mobility to enhanced mental clarity, better sleep to healthier food choices, and even improved sinus health and a more radiant complexion, the positive outcomes have been countless.

I firmly believe that clearing and cleansing go hand in hand. As the saying goes, "you are what you eat," it took me a while to truly comprehend the depth of that statement. As I embarked on this journey, I began to notice small changes in my body, such as fitting into smaller shoe sizes and experiencing improved skin tone in just 8 weeks. It became clear to me that there was something truly transformative about the process of elimination.

In a world filled with conflicting information and messages about health and wellness, it is crucial to seek out trustworthy sources and individuals to guide us. When it comes to our well-being, we must take the time to discern what truly serves us best.

I am eager to share my year-long journey with you, and it is a journey that will continue for many more years to come. I believe in the power of simplicity and find joy in sharing simple solutions. Life is inherently simple; we often complicate it unnecessarily.

Instead of playing the blame game or pointing fingers, it is time to use our past experiences as stepping stones to create a better future. Think of this as an opportunity to embark on a transformative journey towards true wellness.
Together, we will soar!

The Time is NOW!

According to the Five Elements, a discipline which is thousands of year old, each organ has a time and a season it receives the most energy from the body.

Being specific and focused brings results. 

Cleansing in the seasons most comparable to the organ is best, 
however, you may begin a cleanse at any time.

Are you ready to 

Come Clean with ME?

What you will receive in this class:
- Weekly lessons for 12 weeks
- Weekly Zoom call for support and feedback
- Engage in discussions with fellow classmates
- Track your progress with a personal journal
- Comprehend the digestive tract function
- Expand your product knowledge
- Explore the Chakras & Meridians
- Discover modalities to support your journey

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Upcoming Seasonal Classes

Colon & Large Intestines
September 22 - December 20
Urinary & Kidneys
December 21 - March 19
Gall Bladder & Liver
March 20 - June 20
Early, Late Summer
Stomach & Spleen
June 21 - September 21



2nd Important Eliminator 
in the body.

Can essential oils help?
Water in and out!

The Liver handles over 50,000 chemical functions.

It cleans & filters the blood.

The finale of the ORGANS!
Information obtained here is meant for educational and informational purposes ONLY, 
and to motivate and empower you to make your own wellness journey based on 
your own research and partnership with your healthcare provider. 
The statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. 
This class or products recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.