GARDENING  +  Essential Oils  
This class will empower your gardening wisdom.  Times are changing in so many ways and now it is time to learn useful methods to help you develop a mindset of OPTIMISM when gardening.  

Some of us have been taught there is only one way to rid our outdoor experiences with products which contain harsh toxins to keep us comfortable, or to protect our harvest from unwanted visitors - whether crawly or root bound - this is not true.

Come garden with me as we move through the process of all natural repellents, companion friends, and natural weed enhancers which not only promote growth, can also slow growth. 

How do you prepare your soil?

Healthy plants thrive in healthy soil.  Organic helps retain moisture and allow for sufficient drainage.

Your soil should be loose and airy with plenty of essential minerals.

Proper pH, proper elements and nutrients are vital characteristics of a healthy garden.

Good fertilizers add essential nutrients.

Check out all of this and MORE!

Are you ready to join me for the “Gardening + Essential Oils” class, and get insider tips and recipes to make your gardening experience pleasant and fruitful?

This class is $7.93.  You will continually have access.  

See you on the INSIDE!


HI! I am Linda Bradbury,

Everything is a beginning, right?  As I remember my up bringing, the lessons bringing me to my development today in our food resources, I am excited to share with you what I have absorbed on my journey.

My parents were great advocates of mother nature as my father always mentioned. 

We planted and harvested for the whole year. My father was the gardener, my mother the harvester.  She taught me how important it was to sit under the old oak tree and chat as we broke beans, shucked corn, split pea pods and enjoyed each others company. Many joined us on our journey, and the bonus was eating the fresh harvest as we prepared the vegetables for canning.

I grew up in the city, however, we had a country setting. Always, we had a cow, dog, and possibly a horse or pony or two.

Our grocery trips were staples like, milk, bread, butter, juices and spices.

Oh, the kitchen was HOT, messy and full of love. As we devoured our meals through the year, you could feel her love, and we were HEALTHY children. I only remember being sick a few times in my life.

Once I was on my own, I thought buying goods in cans were the same as here canning. Later I learned there was so much wrong with that picture. I realized how often I struggled to stay above the wellness line.

Today, I am grateful for farmers who choose to bring us the healthier choices and I believe our world will be more focused on natural healing very soon, I am looking forward to living the way we were intended to live. 

Thank you for joining me on this journey.