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 I am Linda! This cozy corner of the internet is where my passions for wellness and freedom bloom. My greatest joy? Sharing these gifts with loved ones and people like you who crave a life brimming with health and happiness.

Ever found yourself wondering about the real effects of everyday items like candles, perfumes, cleaning products, and personal care items, the food we eat, the process of our body, physically, emotionally, and mentally? If so, I salute your curiosity and cannot wait to embark on this journey with you! It is my goal to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to confidently take charge of your living spaces.

Are you ready to weave more joy, tranquility, and wellness into your life? Brew yourself a comforting cup of tea, and let's dive into this journey together. Click on More About Me, and then let’s get in touch to explore how we can support each other on this path to a vibrant, fulfilling life.

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Reasons for the Seasons
Harnessing ancient insights, we learn that each season uniquely honors and nurtures our well-being.
Colon & Large Intestines
September 22 - December 20
As autumn arrives, it is not just the world around us that transforms; our bodies undergo a seasonal shift too. Historically, this time heralds a period of cleansing and renewal, mirroring the falling leaves with an internal recalibration focused on our well-being. The cooler, drier weather, and shorter days impact us both physically and emotionally, influencing everything from our respiratory health to our mood and sleep patterns. Let's take this time for reflection, release, and nourishment, tuning into our bodies’ needs and embracing the change within.


Urinary & Kidneys
December 21 - March 19
Winter diets, high in proteins and fats to keep us warm, can make it challenging to lose weight or start a cleanse due to the body's instinct to conserve energy. Attempting significant weight loss or detoxification during this time often spells failure for New Year’s resolutions. Moreover, not supporting the kidneys can lead to health issues like gout, given the higher protein intake. However, a yeast cleanse might suit winter, emphasizing meats over starches and sugars, whereas deeper cleanses, like the Master Cleanse, are better suited for spring when the body is more receptive to change.

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Gall Bladder & Liver
March 20 - June 20
Spring marks a time of renewal and cleansing, both for the earth and our bodies. Historically, the year began in late March, aligning with the season's fresh start. Spring brings warmer weather and the sprouting of cleansing greens like spinach, violets, and strawberries. It is an ideal time for consuming salad greens, which naturally aid in digestion, and for spring cleaning our homes. Similarly, it is a perfect season for a body cleanse, as our bodies naturally lean towards shedding excess weight in anticipation of warmer months. This period also provides optimal support for the liver and gallbladder, making it an opportune time to refresh and rejuvenate our health.

Stomach & Spleen
June 21 - September 21
Summer is a prime time for our bodies to heal with the abundance of vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals. Early summer is ideal for cleansing the heart and small intestine, while Late summer boosts the spleen, lymphatics, and stomach, preparing them to efficiently process nutrients. Proper nutrition, especially for the spleen, is crucial to strengthen the immune system for the upcoming virus season in fall and winter.


In our quest for holistic health, we comprehend the importance of nurturing our physical, mental, and financial well-being. It goes beyond using quality products – it also means addressing limiting beliefs that can hinder our progress, like financial concerns or age-related doubts. These beliefs can sabotage our goals, whether it us achieving a healthy body, a peaceful mind, or financial stability.

Over the past two decades I have dedicated myself to making a difference in people's lives. Today, that mission continues, as I work to turn my dreams into a reality and empower others along the way.

Together, we can make unimaginable possibilities a reality.
With each meal and / or drink, you are presented with an opportunity: 
to either Nourish Wellness or Nurture Illness.
Inner Wisdom


What would it feel like to follow YOUR dreams?

It took me a long while to find my dreams, to be settled in having a dream, for a dream to not feel selfish, embrace them as mine and not what someone dreamed for me.

Today, I support others on their dream journey, finding who they came here to be.


What Inspires you? 

A smile and laughter, the sun or moon, rain or snow, family and or friends, animals, sports, reading, drawing, ocean, or mountain? 

Looking deep within think of your Dream, where you pull Courage and find Harmony and you will begin... 

Living Life Inspired!


Being Courageous requires strength. 
Repeat over and over...

After mulling over repeatedly whether one should or should not, talking yourself into then out of something, it is time to link arms with faith and step out to be who you came here to be. 

It is scary, but it is rewarding!


What does Harmony look or feel like? 
BALANCE was my definition. When I am at peace within. 

One might ask
 “How do you achieve such a feeling?”

Time, Listening and Practice brings life into Harmony, relishing Joy and Confidence along the way.
Our Health and Well-being is an INVESTMENT,