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For centuries, humans have turned to the earth for remedies when suffering from ailments, come to think of it, animals still do! From utilizing herbs and plants for healing in ancient times to extracting natural elements like aspirin from willow bark in modern medicine, nature has always been our ultimate source of support for optimal health. Nonetheless, in recent times, there has been a notable inclination towards artificial, man-made drugs instead of natural solutions.

It is important to consider if these natural, holistic alternatives truly cost more. For instance, let's look at the process of taking antibiotics. When we are prescribed antibiotics, we go to the doctor and get a prescription, the first round antibiotic may not work, so we go back and get another prescription, maybe the same one, maybe a different one. This process takes several days, or even weeks, and factor in the time and cost of each visit to the doctor, pharmacy co-pays, as well as time off work. 

Opting for natural remedies may feel like they take longer to work, in the long run, there is a great possibility this option will time and money. While natural remedies may not be covered by insurance, the cost of the initial investment feels steep, when in reality it could be lower than the cost of constantly taking off work, sitting in the doctors office (gathering more unhealthy air), off to the pharmacy, waiting and purchasing. It is crucial to note natural remedies do not have the same side effects as synthetic medication. When taking antibiotics, for example, our bodies lose both good and bad bacteria. This requires us to rebuild our digestive health and possibly take additional supplements, therefore increasing the overall cost.

Choosing natural remedies require being proactive rather than reactive. It is important to research and comprehend the natural remedies that seem to work for your specific health issue. Some people may believe that natural alternative medications are too costly because they use them often, but in reality, this can save money in the long run. For example, if someone hasn't had to visit the doctor in over a decade because of a dedication to natural remedies, this is a significant financial benefit. AND look at the savings for the health insurance - if more of us did this our health insurance rates might decrease!

In summary, while the upfront cost of natural remedies may seem daunting, it's important to weigh the costs of traditional medicine, including time off work, doctor and pharmacy visits, insurance premiums, as well as the negative side effects that come with traditional medicine. By utilizing natural remedies, we can be proactive in our health and potentially save money in the long run. Our first medicine was from the earth, and it's up to us to decide if we want to return to that or continue with man-made synthetic medication masking symptoms or seeking the root cause and overcoming the obstacle.


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